I’m Logan. I’m a software developer living in New York.

I started my journey in software about three years ago when I started using R for my economics thesis in college. Right after I graduated I decided to pursue software engineering fulltime. I enrolled in a program in Seattle called Ada Developer’s Academy. Ada is a yearlong program for women and gender diverse folks to study computer science broadly. As part of this year, I got the opportunity to work at Chef Software for 6 months. At Chef, I got really excited about pursuing a career geared towards Ops and systems engineering. Two years ago I moved out to New York to begin my career.

I have first worked as an Operations Engineer at Kickstarter. In my time at Kickstarter, I concentrated on metrics & monitoring, site reliability, incident response, and some cool serverless architecture.

Currently, I am Site Reliability Engineer at BuzzFeed, where I work on security related infrastructure projects, the rig platform, and manage a Tech-News Working Group.

I’m using this blog to talk about the things I’m learning both at work and outside work. This blog is very simple. It’s really just a place for me to keep some public thoughts, nothing more. Thanks for following along!